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Step One - Perfect for the new archer or the experienced archer who has never had formal training. These classes are for adults or youth ages 8+. Program cycle is typically 5 weeks and includes all equipment. This is your opportunity to learn archery in a safe environment from professional coaches.


Step two of the learning process. This 5 week course will complete your basic knowledge of the National Training System and cover the concepts of aiming, back tension and proper release execution.  Students will be evaluated for readiness for our club level programming in this course.


Step 3 of the development pipeline. We often refer to this as our club level programming. JOAD stands for Junior Olympic Archery Development and students will begin to learn advanced level concepts as well as be prepared to begin to compete at the local and state level. 


Step 4 – CA covers advanced technical concepts in form and process execution, equipment tuning and repair. Students must have their own equipment and be prepared to travel for competitions. Participation in this program requires a recommendation by your JOAD coach and an evaluation by the Head Coach.


Sometimes you just want to be with grown-ups. Our AO program is for Beginners, Intermediate and Club level adult students. Similar to JOAD, we are also an approved Adult Archery Development Program (AADP). Each week you will receive a lesson tailored to your level of development. All equipment is provided. 


Easily one of our most popular and successful programs. The sport of archery has exploded in female participation over the past few years. Not just recreationally but competitively as well. Archery does not require brute strength and many of our female students are some of the best in the program. 


We highly recommend that an aspiring competitive archer to also work actively with a coach who can focus exclusively on individual developmental needs. Working together, goals and training plans can be developed. We do also offer private sessions for the new athlete that may not be ready for a group environment. 


We utilize a formal 16 week curriculum and are approved as community resource vendors for multiple local districts. Home school courses keep class sizes to a maximum of 16 and offer the same developmental opportunities as our regular programs. Some of our current homeschool students are ranked top 20 nationally. 

We Offer MUCH More Than Lessons!

Evaluating Release Execution Using Cluster Analysis

Evaluating Release Execution Using Cluster Analysis  Purpose of this tool: To determine when an archer’s skills using a new release aid have equaled or surpassed their previous release aid.  I use this evaluative tool as a guide to monitor the progress in an athlete’s development with a new release aid. In this example, the athlete…

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The Story of Rising Phoenix Academy: Part I

​​A look inside of Archery  The Beginnings About a month ago I posted on FB that I was considering adding a blog post to the website and was looking not only for topics that people would be interested in but an idea for a name for the blog. Along with the post I added an…

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2020 USA Archery Indoor Championships – Results Recap

USA Archery Indoor Nationals Recap This past weekend marked the final locations participating in the 2020 JOAD Indoor National Championships as well as the 2020 National Indoor Target Championships. The final three of thirteen events were held in Salt Lake City Utah, Harrisonburg VA, and Mason MI. Over 5,000 athletes participated in the combined results. …

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2016 Tournament Results

January Junior Smack Down Jan 11th, 2016 – 6:00 pm  – Cost $5.00 This is a fun shoot hosted by Rising Phoenix., It features a 30 arrow seeding round followed with elimination pairings to determine the overall champion in four divisions, Compound and Recurve, Youth and Young Adult.  Team rounds for clubs with a minimum of…

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