Scouting Archery

Scouting in any form takes lots of work and understanding all the requirements for badge certification can be a challenge for any troop leader. We know that you already dedicate an enormous amount of time into your troop already.

Rising Phoenix Archery can help you navigate all the requirements for the Scouts BSA, Girl Scouts, & Heritage Girls.

If your scouting organization not listed please send us the badge requirements for your program. We can easily create a program that meets your requirements.

Cost: $160

Sessions include up to 16 participants for our base fee, and additional participants are just $12 each.

Our range can handle groups as large as 60 participants efficiently*.

Having the largest range in Michigan gives us the ability to accommodate groups both large and small.

Session Availability.

Monday 10am - 6pm

Tuesday 10am - 6pm

Wednesdays 10am - 6pm

Thursday 10am - 6pm

Friday 10am - 9pm

Saturday 10 am - 7pm

Sunday 11am - 7pm

Give us a call to book your next event with us. (248) 688-9309

*Groups larger than 28 may require the use of a second range, and a second coach. Additional charges will apply.

Boy Scouts

Our basic Boy Scout session covers components of the bow, range safety, and basic form and technique required to properly execute an archery shot. Because the badge requirements are extensive, not all content is covered in a basic 2hr session. Components of the badge requirements such as string building and shooting a qualifying score can be added for an extra fee.

Girl Scouts

Our Girl scouts session covers all the requirements of steps one through four in one 2hr session. Girls will need to do step 5 requirements on their own as required by the badge criteria. Program covers: Equipment Knowledge, Range Safety, and Practice.

Heritage Girls

Our Heritage Girls curriculum covers the requirements of equipment knowledge, complete with take home sheet. Range safety with rules worksheet, and Practice time. We can reach the 20 arrow requirement of all the levels except Pioneer which has a 60 arrow requirement. Heritage Girls have additional responsibilities outside the range to meet all badge requirements.