Corporate Events

Let us help you bring something New, Unique and Exciting to your next corporate event.

Our team of exceptional coaches can help make your next corporate event something that the team will never expect! We promise they won’t stop talking about it for months.

Our clients include major corporations such as General Motors, Ford, Magna Powertrain, the District Attorneys Office of Detroit and more.

We can handle small team or hundreds in a unique one of a kind events. Our team can coordinate with your HR department, where the sky is the limit.  (Sorry, exploding arrows are not really a thing, but we think they would be cool too.)

Our 9,000 square foot facility can accommodate up to 100 participants but we can do larger off site events as well.

Call Now to Discuss Your Event!

Imagine this scenario: You're having a discussion about precision with your team, and we demonstrate hitting a target at over 50 yards away!

Imagine this scenario: We teach over 100 executives in less than 15 minutes how to hit a target at 20 yards. Using simple basic fundamental communication to get optimal results quickly. Even better, we leave a control group with no training other than safety and see how different effective training can be. 


Have your HR department contact us, so that we can collaborate on a spectacular event for your team.

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