Archery Seminar Series

Sometimes you just have to dig deeper into a subject to truly understand it. Here at Rising Phoenix we are constantly creating innovative ways to explain archery so that our students understand. Occasionally the subject matter takes a bit more time to explain then we can fit in a regular class. Our solution was to build a new seminar series on topics we feel are important for archers or their support teams.

We believe the diverse topics of our seminar series offers something for everyone. “How to Select the Right Equipment” is perfect for the newest members of JOAD who are looking to make that leap into getting equipment of their own and “How to Build Strength and Prevent Injury” is an ideal topic for both new and veteran archers.

Call to RSVP and reserve your spot!

How to build arrows.

Including selecting and building the right arrow.

 Duration: 1 hr max –  Cost: Free (Max class size of 5) Must be a club level participant. 


  • March 3rd 5pm w/Dan
  • March 8th 5pm w/ Brandon
  • March 16th 5pm w/Bryan

Buying equipment is a large investment. It is intimidating and you have to put alot of trust in the store clerk. Hopefully they know what they are doing and more importantly are not selling you what you don’t need.

If you have ever looked at an arrow chart, you will understand why this is such a challenging task. Selecting the right arrow will improve the archers consistency tremendously. Knowing how to properly build that arrow and why will save you hundred if not thousands of dollars over the archers career.

  • Learn to build an arrow from start to finish
  • How to to cut arrows to length and square up
  • How to install points and nocks
  • How to use a jig to fletch arrows
  • How use a tri-liner for spin-wing style fletchings

Archers must have all the parts needed to complete their arrows.

Recurve/Barebow Tuning

Spring 2023 – 2pm to 4pm – Cost: $30

"Stop wondering if it’s your bow! Learn how to get the most out of your equipment with this Recurve and Barebow Tuning Clinic. In this hands-on, two-hour clinic, you’ll learn how to ensure that your bow is properly set-up, how to use bare shaft tuning to get optimal arrow flight, how and why you adjust your plunger, and how to make adjustments so you stop damaging your fletching. Confidence in your equipment means confident shooting. Sign up today!
Participants in this clinic must have their own equipment, including: bow, arrows (at least six with fletching and two without), plunger button, bow square, Beiter limb gages OR Early Human Tuning Forks, and a set of hex keys for their bow."
Session led by Coach Matt Reesman

Archer Support

Date TBD – 1pm to 3pm – Cost: Free

Archery is a unique sport. Its supposed to be the archer vs. themselves. Everyone knows that when an athlete begins to have expectations for themselves or the “support team” has an expectation of the archers performance, chaos can develop. This seminar is for the support team. The coaches can’t be everywhere at all times and on the day of a tournament, they are often athletes themselves.  This is one of the things that makes archery unique.

On the day of the shoot, the support team plays a vital role and may actually shape the outcome. Often parents are not prepared to balance constructive reinforcement and direct feedback in a way the athlete will accept.


  • What does support really mean.
  • Things to say and what not to say to the athlete.
  • How to support your kid during a tournament.
  • Questions to ask and what to avoid.
  • What back-up or spare parts should you own and know how to install.