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2023 Competitive Advantage SHOWDOWN


The CA Showdown is the only USAT style outdoor event in Michigan. The USAT series is a circuit of events held across the nation to select the United States Archery Team. No event in Michigans currently provides and opportunity to practice for this intensive season.

This event offers an excellent opportunity for NASP and S3DA archers to experience an outdoor tournament with the inclusion of the Basic compound and PINS divisions.

Also for the first time at any event, we are offering special Developmental divisions for archers who would like to shoot a competition but may not be quite ready for the distances required for their regular category. Developmental divisions will be awarded medals, and will participate in match play if they have two or more archers. They will not have Grand Champion matches or be eligible for event records.


The Competitive Advantage SHOWDOWN takes place over 2 days, June 24th & 25th

This event is sanctioned by USA Archery, the organization recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body of the Olympic sport of archery.  USA Archery is responsible for selecting and training men’s and women’s teams to represent the United States in Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and Pan American Games, as well as World Championships, World Cups, and other international competitions.

The Competitive Advantage SHOWDOWN complies fully with both World Archery (the international governing body for the sport of archery for World Archery Championships, Olympic Games, and World Games, among others) and USA Archery rules. This event has been registered as a STAR FITA.

Free water provided for archers. Tents may be set up beginning at 6pm on Friday.


The tournament format is a 72 arrow Qualification Round on the first day, Day two features an additional 36 arrow qualification in the am followed by a cut to the top 8 per division for elimination match play.  Awards will be provided for the top 3 individuals in the elimination round for each class listed in the Division Classes below. Additionally, the Male and Female champions of each division will face off for a single match to determine the Grand Champion. Subject to change based on field size.


Registration is Open

To register directly you must have a USA Archery Membership

If you have a NFAA membership, you can register but you must get a FREE membership from USA Archery first before registering. Info for getting your Free NFAA Temporary membership can be found here.

If you are a youth member of NASP, OAS or S3DA, You can get a FREE One Year Trial Youth Membership to USA Archery. Info for this can be found here.



Division/Discipline    Age/Distance        Target Size

Master 50+             50+

Recurve                      60m                122cm

Compound                   50m                 80cm (6 Ring)

Barebow                      50m                122cm

Senior                    21+

Recurve                       70m                122cm

Compound                   50m                80cm (6 Ring)

Barebow                      50m                122cm

Pins                             50m                80cm (6 Ring)

Dev. Recurve                50m                122cm

Dev. Compound            50m                80cm (Full)

Dev. Barebow               30m                122cm

U21 (Junior)         20th birthday in 2023

Recurve                       70m                122cm

Compound                   50m                 80cm (6 Ring)

Barebow                      50m                122cm

Pins                             50m                 80cm (6 Ring)

U18 (Cadet)         17th birthday in 2023

Recurve                       60m                122cm

Compound                   50m                80cm (6 Ring)

Barebow                      50m                122cm

Pins                             50m                 80cm (6 Ring)

Basic Compound           30m                122cm

Dev. Recurve                30m                122cm

Dev. Compound            50m                 80cm  (Full)

Dev. Barebow               30m                 122cm

U15 (Cub)         14th birthday in 2023

Recurve                       50m                122cm

Compound                   30m                80cm (6 Ring)

Barebow                      30m                122cm

Pins                             30m                80cm (6 Ring)

Basic Compound           25m                122cm

Dev. Recurve                30m                122cm

Dev. Compound            30m                80cm  (Full)

Dev. Barebow               25m                122cm

U13 (Bowman)         12th birthday in 2023

Recurve                       30m                122cm

Compound                   25m                80cm (6 Ring)

Barebow                      30m                122cm

Pins                             25m                80cm (6 Ring)

Basic Compound           20m                122cm

Dev. Recurve                25m                122cm

Dev. Compound            25m                80cm (Full)

Dev. Barebow               20m                122cm


EVENT SCHEDULE Updated 9/16/22


4pm – Unofficial Practice until 6pm

You can set up canopies until 9pm


9am to 9:30 Equipment Inspection

9:30am – Training session for how to use live scoring

10:00am – Practice (3 ends) 72 arrow qualification

3pm – Buffalo Wild Wings for community event


Sunday Revision (Times are estimated)


9am – Begin with 2 practice ends and shoot a 36-arrow qualification round.

11: 45 – Begin round 1 of eliminations (This round will have an AB/CD line). Grand Champion matches TBD

12:20 – Round 2 of eliminations  Grand Champion Matches: TBD

1pm – Round 3 of eliminations – Grand Championship Matches: TBD

1:30 – Grand Champion Matches – TBD

Awards will be presented as divisions are completed.


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