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Galactic Championship




Rising Phoenix


Rising Phoenix


2 hrs.



3863 Rochester Rd. Troy MI 48083




Our Annual Club Championship is available exclusively for current members of our JOAD/AADP programming and features our signature crystal trophy.

Event Date: January 8th, 2022

Registration will begin in November. Paper registration process for this event. Very limited space is available. Due to potential covid restrictions, spectators may not be permitted.

You may attempt to walk in for any of the lines.

Pre-Registration closes on January 3rd. Walkings permitted if space is available.


We use just 13 divisions for our event:

  • Youth Male Compound
  • Youth Male Recurve
  • Youth Male Barebow
  • Youth Female Compound
  • Youth Female Recurve
  • Youth Female Barebow
  • Adult Male Compound
  • Adult Male Recurve
  • Adult Male Bare
  • Adult Female Compound
  • Adult Female Recurve
  • Adult Female Barebow
  • Coaches

Youth is under the age of 18.


Participants will shoot at the distance associated with their current pin level and will receive a handicap score on the day of the event. This creates a parity within the club event and  balance the performances. Every participant has an opportunity to win regardless of their current proficiency. Scores cannot exceed 300. For youth Black pin and higher is at 18m, All adults shoot at 18m. All participants will use a 40cm target.

Must have a Grey pin and a minimum of 2 score cards submitted between November 1st and December 23rd to receive handicap.



Participants will shoot a single 30 arrow game on 40cm target face and scoring is based on FITA rules. Little 10 for compound, big 10 for recurve and Barebow. In order to eaqrn a handicap, you must have your grey pin and two (Qualifying score cards from between November 1st and December 23rd)).

Dress code required: RPA Jersey, RPA shirt or Orange shirt and Khaki/Black Pants for all participants.


Shooting Lines:

  • 1pm
  • 3pm
  • 5pm

Awards will be delivered to your JOAD/AADP Class.

COST: $15

Team picture and Ice cream social is scheduled for all members of RPA at 7:00.