Brandon Wright


Head Coach


Regional Elite Developmental (RED) Level 4 NTS, Level 3 NTS Coach Trainer, Level 2 NTS Coach Trainer, Certified S3DA Coach, MI S3DA Treasurer, Delegate for TCAA and MET




RED, Competitive Advantage, JOAD, AADP, Private Instruction


I began RPA as a way to give my son access to a practice facility. Most programs were too far away to travel in the winter and were focused mostly on hunting and not target archery. Now this has become my singular profession. As a coach, I now lead the largest archery training program in the US with over 400 weekly participants. As an archer I achieved USAT in 2021 and multiple State Championships to my credit.

As a coach, my philosophy is simple. I believe in a strong mental approach built on the platform of a positive self image. Combine the mental game with hard work, and an athlete will eventually out perform another who relies solely on natural talent.

I work predominately with competitive level athletes and I encourage even new athletes to compete as soon as possible. Winning is not the goal, its is simply the outcome of a well prepared and practiced process. Learning from each experience is the goal.

You will find me answering all your email questions, developing and enhancing the curriculum, training your coaches and attending many national & international events and camps.