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As I began to introduce my children to the sport (4th generation), my passion for the sport really caught fire. It wasn't enough to show them how to draw, aim, and shoot. I wanted them to know how to do it right... form, technique etc.

My quest for knowledge led us to join multiple clubs and gave me the opportunity to shoot with some of the best archers in the world and some world class lovers of the sport as well.

Today our program is the largest USA Archery accredited program in the nation. With membership topping 450 participants, we continue to evolve our programs to help both newcomers and veterans grow with us.

Now I look forward to helping others to fall in love with the sport. If you are just learning to shoot archery or are an advanced archer wanting to learn how to shoot at higher levels, we can teach you advanced levels of form and technique to improve your accuracy on the range or in the woods.

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Here is some feedback from others:

Wins: Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service, Environment, Other - “Brandon was incredible with 10 rowdy 8 yr. old boys. He was incredibly patient, easy going, and the boys absolutely loved him and wanted to watch him target shoot, and cheered him on. Thanks so much!” 3/12/16

Wins: Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service, Environment, Other - “Brandon was amazing. My group had the best time. The place was well run, friendly and we all learned a lot about archery. We will be back! Thanks so much for everything!!!” 2/29/16

Wins: Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service - "Very Friendly and helpful! Thanks! - Review Posted to Square 1/19/16

Wins:  Environment, Other, Quality, Wait Time, Customer Service - “Extremely helpful, genuine interest in students and those exploring the idea of getting involved! In the short time since my family was introduced to the activity (sport), through a birthday party idea on Groupon, we have really embraced the sport & have tremendous trust in the staff. We also enjoy the sense of family we get while at the range. Beautiful facility too!” - Review Posted to Square 1/5/16

Wins:  Wait Time, Other, Quality, Environment, Customer Service -“Always good sessions with Chris. I just have been as good a student as he is a coach.” - Review Posted to Square 12/22/15

Wins:  Wait Time, Other, Quality, Environment, Customer Service - “Good session today. I like the way Chris is able to convey the small intricate things in the shot process. I just have to become as good a student as he is an instructor, by implementing what it is he is teaching.” - Review Posted to Square 12/16/15

Wins: Wait Time, Customer Service, Environment, Quality, Other - “Chris, totally beyond my expectations. I am so satisfied with my experience today that I am very excited for our next session. The response time for my homework----just a couple of hours. Now, how good is that?!!!!!!! Huge. I feel really "pumped" at my ripe old retirement age in doing something I really love. And all thanks to you and Rising Phoenix. Just what we worked on today will help to instill confidence in my shot process. I'm pretty sure I had the general basics, but the refinements that you brought out are exactly what I am looking for. The facility is second to none. It's rather apparent to me that Brandon did not spare much to have a first class operation. Says a lot for him. I could go on and on. I'm just looking forward to next Tuesday. Thank you, thank you. Ken” 12/8/15

5 stars We had a team building activity at our company here and we had a blast. Brandon was professional, helpful, and lots of fun. Will definitely be back again-  Farrah Fidel 12/8/15

Wins: Quality, Other, Wait Time, Customer Service, Environment - Can't Wait till January - Review Posted to Square 12/3/15

Wins: Quality, Environment, Customer Service, Wait Time, Other - Ken was great, and we enjoyed our experience. It was fun to learn as a family, and we will most likely return." - Review Posted to Square 11/27/15

 Wins:  Wait Time, Quality, Environment, Customer Service  “I had a great time. I would love to come back. Keep up the awesome work.”- Review Posted to Square 11/17/15

5 stars This is an indoor archery range! Whether you are an experienced archer looking to practice, a beginner looking to try ... - Curtis LaPrise - Review posted to Google 11/13/15



5 stars Great place and awesome people. - Dave Thomas 11/5/15

5 stars We just had my son's birthday party there! What a great place! All the 10 year olds thought it was the coolest thing to do. We will be signing up for classes! Coach Chris was so nice & accommodating. I would highly recommend!!! -Janie R. 11/1/15

Wins: Quality, Customer Service, Wait Time, Environment, Other -"I love this place" - review Posted to Square 11/1/15

Wins: Environment, Customer Service, Other, Quality, Wait Time -“Smiley face to everything!”- Review Posted to Square 10/30/15

Wins: Customer Service, Wait Time, Other, Environment, Quality - You Guys are Awesome! - Review Posted to Square 9/25/15

Wins: Environment, Customer Service, Other, Wait Time, Quality - Review posted to Square 9/19/15

Wins: Wait Time, Customer Service, Quality, Environment - "Awesome Place, I Had a Blast".  Rachel P. 7/24/15

The entire experience was wonderful! I would definitely come back and recommend it to friends. 7/18/15

5 stars Went to a birthday party here in May (2015) the kids had such a fantastic time that ALL the kids wanted their parties to be held here! So today was our 2nd time, in 2 weeks will be the another, then December & again In February 2016! The kids are LOVING it! Even heard whining that 2 weeks is too long to wait! My oldest has the bug and is eyeing a bow that's for sale! - Cynthia H. 7/11/15

“Everything about Rising Phoenix Archery has been phenomenal!! So happy that my boys had a safe and wonderful environment to learn about the art of archery. We are happy to continue on with Coach Brandon and his staff. -Swift Family” 4/23/15

“Brandon was a great and patient coach with two 7 year old boys! My son had a memorable experience and wants to go back for lessons. Thank you.” - 4/8/15

Hi Brandon! I want to thank you for making last night an exciting and memorable event for our Scouts! All the feedback from the boys and parents has been so positive. Most notable is the feedback about your organization of the range and your patient, individualized instruction of the boys. We appreciate all of this so much. We will certainly recommend your facility and customer service to the Scouting community.We look forward to visiting again sometime in the future!  - Rebekka 1/20/15

Thank you for allowing our cub scout group (pack 1587) to come in last night.  I have 2 boys, 8 and 6 years old and they had so much fun.  We had a great Teacher and really connected with the boys.  Just on behalf of my family, my kids had a blast.  - Stephanie 1/20/15

Great instruction, very nice people. Had a wonderful time!! Carolyn 1/9/15

Excellent instruction, very well equipped with bows for lefties & righties and a very Safety First archery range. Great place for children & adults to learn how to shoot archery properly. - Micheal 8/6/14