Privacy Policy

We hate spam, junk mail etc just like you.

But we don't think its enough to just say you respect peoples privacy and promise to protect their info and data. That is why Rising Phoenix Archery takes the extra steps to help keep your information safe.

Our website is protected with SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology. Your supplied personal information such as credit cards and personal information are encrypted and transmitted via a secured connection. Additionally we don't store your highly sensitive credit information on our own servers. Instead we use a multi layer approach to protect and store your data. (We have taken steps to have our SSL certificate reissued post fix from the Heartbleed virus that has infected much of the internet as a precaution.)

We will never sell, distribute, trade, auction or give any of your data to any 3rd party. Any information we ever collect from you is restricted to a select few and password protected. Coaches receive only names of participants on their rosters, so you will have to furnish this information directly if you wish for the coach to have this information.

We will periodically send out emails (approx 2 per month) about upcoming events or program offerings. You have the option to opt out of receiving these emails at anytime.

-Team Rising Phoenix