RPA Team Performance History

Rising Phoenix 2016 Winter Classic Medalists

Season begins with Winter Classic each year

Type Of Award Medal Count
Medal Count266
USAT MembersIsabell Lehsten, Steve Oakley
National Championships5
National Podiums16
Regional Champions9
State Champions36
Results from: Winter Classic. Hoosier 690, MI S3DA Regional #1, KY Indoor State Championships, Ohio 600 Mail in, MI JOAD Indoor, MI State Indoor, TCAA FITA, S3DA State, MAA FITA, Ohio Indoor, Ohio JOAD Indoor, JOAD Nationals, JOAD Mason, 54th Indoor Nationals, Mason Regional, VAL, Double 900, Gator Cup, AZ Cup, Collegiate Target Nationals, CA Showdown, MI State Championships, MI Outdoor Championships, MAA Indoor 420, MAA Outdoor 420, JOAD Nationals Outdoor, Buckeye, MAA Outdoor Target, MSU Fall Classic,