Olympian Award Winners

 Similar to the belt system in martial arts, These "Ranks or Pins " symbolize the archers proficiency within the sport. JOAD and AADP have their own individual requirements. The highest levels are referred to as "Olympian", but don't mean that those who achieve this level are destined for the games. Never the less, this is still a significant achievement. Only an estimated, 2 percent of archers nationwide achieve the level of Bronze Olympian. Reaching Gold is something that only potential professional archers and actual future Olympians are likely to achieve. 

Olympian Awards
Archer Score Year Achieved Style
Matt Reesman274/3002023Barebow
Kristina Pruccoli279/3002023Barebow
Tom Mihelich270/3002021Barebow
Brandon Wright291/3002018Compound
Isabella Zamecki296/3002016Compound
Joe Schnur290/3002016Compound
Chris Schnur295/3002015Compound