Olympian Award Winners

 Similar to the belt system in martial arts, These "Ranks or Pins " symbolize the archers proficiency within the sport. JOAD and AADP have their own individual requirements. The highest levels are referred to as "Olympian", but don't mean that those who achieve this level are destined for the games. Never the less, this is still a significant achievement. Only an estimated, 2 percent of archers nationwide achieve the level of Bronze Olympian. Reaching Gold is something that only potential professional archers and actual future Olympians are likely to achieve. 

Olympian Awards
Gold Olympian Indoor
ArcherScoreYear AchievedStyle
Brandon Wright291/3002018Compound
Isabella Zamecki296/3002016Compound
Joe Schnur290/3002016Compound
Chris Schnur295/3002015Compound
Silver Olympian Indoor
ArcherScoreYear AchievedStyle
Kaitlyn Strukel290/3002019Compound
Spenser Eller288/3002018Compound
Melanie Schoening291/3002018Compound
Tom Mihelich265/3002018Barebow
Adam Trombley291/3002017Compound
Isabella Zamecki292/3002016Compound
Brandon Wright286/3002015Compound
Travis Wright285/3002015Compound
Joe Schnur288/3002015Compound
Bronze Olympian Indoor
ArcherScoreYear AchievedStyle
Justin Spurlock280/3002019Compound
Frank Cherro257/3002019Barebow
Ashley Thornton280/3002019Compound
Kaitlyn Strukel285/3002018Compound
Spenser Eller281/3002018Compound
Jeff Belz281/3002017Compound
Melanie Schoening286/3002017Compound
Ashley Siakowski285/3002017Compound
Adam Trombley288/3002017Compound
Isabella Zamecki289/3002016Compound
Tom Mihelich255/3002017Barebow
Lindsey Dauby250/3002016Barebow
Mark Parenti280/3002016Compound
Jennifer "Jen" Ings280/3002016Compound
Brandon Wright282/3002015Compound
Travis Wright285/3002015Compound
Joe Schnur283/3002015Compound
Gold Olympian Outdoors
ArcherScoreYear AchievedStyle
Adriana "Lil Bit" Griebe354/3602018Compound
Tom Mihelich287/3602018Barebow
Travis Wright355/3602017Compound
Silver Olympian Outdoors
ArcherScoreYear AchievedStyle
Adriana "Lil Bit" Griebe353/3602018Compound
Travis Wright352/3602017Compound
Tom Mihelich/3602017Barebow
Selah Trombley348/3602017Compound
Adam Trombley341/3602017Compound
Bronze Olympian Outdoor
ArcherScoreYear AchievedStyle
Joe Schnur342/3602019Compound
Adriana "Lil Bit" Griebe343/3602017Compound
Travis Wright345/3602017Compound
Tom Mihelich273/3602017Barebow
Selah Trombley349/3602017Compound
Adam Trombley340/3602017Compound
Linnea Lundgaard344/3602017Compound