2016 Tournament Results

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Junior Smack Down Jan 11th, 2016 – 6:00 pm  – Cost $5.00

This is a fun shoot hosted by Rising Phoenix., It features a 30 arrow seeding round followed with elimination pairings to determine the overall champion in four divisions, Compound and Recurve, Youth and Young Adult.  Team rounds for clubs with a minimum of 3 participants.

Register online at michiganarchery.net

JOAD State Indoor Championships Jan 25 – 1:00 pm or Jan 30 – 5:00 pm  or Feb 5th 6:00 pm- Cost: $16.00 all classes

Tournament will be hosted by Oakland County Sportsman’s Club on their indoor range located in Clarkston. This is a 20 round (60 arrow) tournament shot at 18m. Classes are determined by age and gender.

This is a single session tournament, with shooting times taking place on 2 separate days. Contact us for registration forms and a free copy of our Tournament Preparation Guide.

RPA 2016 Results: 7 Medals


Summer Turner- Female Bowman Recurve – State JOAD Champion

Paul Susanto – Male Bowman Recurve – State JOAD Champion

Natalie Leach – Female Cub Recurve – State JOAD Champion


Maria Cherro- Female Bowman Recurve – Silver

Travis Wright- Male Cub Compound – Silver


Peter Susanto – Male Cub Recurve – Bronze

Abigail Owzarek – Female Cadet Recurve – Bronze


Other Tournaments in Michigan for January


SAM State Indoor Championships (Star FITA) Feb 6th & 7th, 2016. 9:00 am & 1:00pm

Cost: $22.00 Adults & Juniors $16 Cadet, Cub, Bowman

Tournament will be hosted by Oakland County Sportsman’s Club. This is a Star Fita event and will feature four (4) 30 arrow rounds spread over two days. Archers will shoot both days for this tournament. Space is limited. Classes are determined by age and gender.

RPA 2016 RESULTS: 12 Medals

Gold & 2016  State Champions:

Maria  C- Bowman Female Recurve

Peter S – Bowman Male Recurve

Travis W – Cub Male Compound

Lindsey D – Senior Female Barebow

Brandon W – Senior Male Compound

Ken P – Senior Male Recurve


Trisha W – Bowman Female Compound

Jennifer I – Senior Female Compound


Paul S – Cub Male Recurve

Melanie S – Cadet Female Compound

Deanna W – Senior Female Compound

Jeff B – Senior Male Compound

Honorable Mention:

James M – Cadet Male Compound – 4th

Isabella Z – Cadet Female Compound – 6th

Sophie P – Cadet Female compound – 7th

Contact us for a free copy of our Tournament Preparation Guide.

2016 Results

2015 SAM STATE INDOOR RESULTS – No link yet – Results can be seen on WMAC Facebook Page


MAA FITA – Feb 6th, 7th, 12th or 13th – 10:00 am or 2:00 pm

Hosted by Flint Bowman

5478 Belsay Rd. Grand Blanc, MI 48439  (810) 695-1660

JOAD National Indoor Championships Feb. 12th 9 am, 1:00 pm  or 6:00 pm Mason, MI  Cost:$35.00

This is a National Ranking Tournament. Results are compiled from the 13 shoots held across the United States. Final results will be available 3-6 weeks after last shoot date. Regional Results

RPA Regional Results:


Travis Wright – Cub Male Compound

Natalie Leach – Cub Female Recurve

RPA National Results: Pending

45th U.S. National Indoor Championships Feb 13th & Feb 14  – 9:00 am, 1:00 pm or 5:00 pm

45th U.S. National Indoor Championships Feb 13th & Feb 14  – 9:00 am, 1:00 pm or 5:00 pm

Mason, MI  Cost:$75.00

This is a National Ranking tournament. Results are compiled from the 13 shoots held across the United States. Final results will be available 3-6 weeks after last shoot date.

RPA National Results: Pending

2016 Regional Results

1st – Lindsey D – Senior Female Barebow – 786

1st – Travis W – Cub Male Compound – 1093

2nd – Natalie L – Cub Female Recurve – 955

4th – Ken P – Senior Male Compound – 986

6th – Melanie S – Cadet Female Compound – 1074

1th – James M – Cadet Male Compound – 1083

13th – Jeff B – Senior Male Compound – 1052

Meijer State Winter Games of Michigan – February 19th 5:00 pm 20 & 21st  9:00 am or 1:00 pm

Cost: $15.00 JOAD, $18.00 Other Archers

Tournament will be hosted by West Michigan Archery Center (WMAC) on their new  indoor range located in Grand Rapids. Archers will shoot a total of 60 scoring arrows (three-arrow ends using JOAD target sizes for youth archers, and FITA targets for archers in the senior category or older). The event is not registered as a Star FITA event with USA Archery. Aside from safety-related considerations, there is no specific dress code. Equipment must meet FITA rules, with arrows having a diameter of 9.3mm or less. More Info

RPA 2016 RESULTS: 13 Medals


Ashley Schnur- Female Senior Compound

Lindsey Dauby – Female Senior Barebow

Peter Susanto – Male Bowman Recurve

Ken Pasternak – Male Senior Recurve


Summer Turner – Female Bowman Recurve

Travis Wright- Female Cub Compound

Mark Schnur – Male Bowman Recurve

Janice Schnur – Female Master+50 Compound

Leasa Williams – Female Senior Recurve

Chris Prout – Male Senior Recurve


Natalie Leach – Female Cub Recurve

Ashley Saikowski – Female Cadet Compound

Joe Schnur – Male Senior Compound


Yeoman and Bowman Results
Yeoman and Bowman Results
Cub to Junior results
Cub to Junior results
Senior and Masters
Senior and Masters

2015 Results

2014 Results


Other Tournaments in Michigan for February


MAA NFAA March 6th,7th, 12th or 13th. 10:00 am or 2:00 pm

Hosted by Lincoln Bowman

26245 King Rd, Romulus, MI 48174 (734) 782-9293

36th NFAA Indoor Nationals March 20 & 21st    7:00 am, 11:00 am, or 3:00 pm  Saturday – Times for Sunday assigned. Adult $85, Youth/Junior $75, Professional $225

KY Convention Center, Louisville KY.


Other Tournaments in Michigan for March

RPA National Results: 1 Medal


Mark Schnur – Cub Male Freestyle Limited Recurve

Other Results:

4th – Summer Turner – Cub Female Freestyle Limited Recurve

4th – Lindsey Dauby – Adult Female Barebow

16th – Joe Schnur – Senior Male Freestyle

19th – Isabella Zamecki – Youth Female Freestyle

20th- Abigail Owczarek – Youth Female Freestyle Limited Recurve

24th – Trisha Wright – Cub Female Bowhunter Freestyle

25th – Cali Schnur – Cub Female Freestyle

27th – Ashley Schnur – Professional Female Freestyle

28th – Ken Pasternak – Adult Male Freestyle Limited Recurve

35th – Melanie Scheoning – Young Adult Female Freestyle

42nd – Ashley Saikowski – Young Adult Female Freestyle

46th – Sophie Parenti – Youth Female Freestyle

46th – Travis Wright – Youth Male Freestyle

75th – James Monacelli – Young Adult Male Freestyle

96th – Chris Schnur – Professional Male Freestyle

229th – Rodel Ibus – Adult Male Freestyle

232nd – Brandon Wright – Adult Male Freestyle


MAA 420 April 2nd, 3rd, 9th or 10th. 10:00 am or 2:00 pm

Berrien County Sportsman Club

2928 Linco Rd, Berrien Springs, MI (269) 556-2099

Rising Phoenix Archery  Club Galactic Indoor Championships Saturday April 23rd  1pm, 3pm, 5pm

Cost $5, Team Picture 7:30pm  Awards 7:45pm  Ice Cream Bar After last shooting line for Participants. This is our annual in house championship. Featuring 9 Divisions: YMC, YMR, YFC, YFR, AMC, AMR, AFC, AFR, Coaches.

All archers will use vegas style scoring with out 10 counted as 10. X’s will score as X with a value of 10. All compound and adult classes will use 40cm face. Recurve archers 14 and under will shoot 60cm. Archers will shoot distance affiliated with their highest pin achieved. Handicap will be based on personal best. Scores cannot exceed 300.

Dress Code: RPA Jersey or Orange Shirt.


2015 Tournament Results

Other Tournaments in Michigan for April


MAA OD  June 4th and 5th – 8:00 am

Saginaw Field and Stream – 1500 N Gleaner Rd, Saginaw, MI 48609  (989) 642-8312

MAA 3D Marked June 18th   9:00 am

Northwood Archery Club – 7601 Old Lake Rd, Grayling, MI (989) 619-0651

SAM State Outdoor Championships (Star FITA) June 18th & 19th 2016  Livingston Conservation and Sportsman’s Association (LC&SA)
Adults & Juniors $30, Cadet, Cub, Bowman, Yeoman $20

Classes: Masters 50+, 60+, 70+, Seniors, Collegiate, AR, AR1, AR2, AR3, Junior, Cadet, Cub, Bowman, Yeoman

USAA Dress Code in effect


LC&SA  8532 McClements Road
Brighton, MI 48114.

Kim Fracalossi PO Box 226 Carleton, MI 48117     Tel: 734.516.8354    societyarcherymichigan@gmail.com

Rising Phoenix had the following results:

Bowman Female Compound
4th – Adriana Griebe
5th – Trisha Wright

Bowman Female Recurve
State Champion – Alivia Rovda

Bowman Male Recurve

State Champion – Mark Schnur

Cub Female Recurve
2nd – Natalie Leach

Cub Male Compound
2nd – Travis Wright

Cadet Female Compound
State Champion – Isabelle Zamecki
3rd – Ashley Saikowski
4th – Sophie Parenti
6th – Melanie Schoening

Cadet Female Recurve
3rd – Abigail Owczarek

Cadet Male Compound
3rd – James Monacelli

Senior Female Barebow
State Champion Lindsey Dauby

Senior Female Compound
State Champion Ashley Schnur

Senior Male Compound
State Champion Chris Schnur
3rd – Brandon Wright

Senior Male Recurve
State Champion Ken Pasternak
4th Frank Cherro

2015 Results Outdoor

2014 SAM State Outdoor Results.

Meijer State Summer Games (Star FITA) June 25-26th 2016 Star FITA Competition:

Divisions and Fees

Yeoman / Bowman / Cub / Cadet / Junior – $27.00
Senior / Masters (50+) / Master (60+) / Masters (70+) / AR1-3 – $32.00
Entry Fees:  Adults Categories Fees:

  • $32.00 Before 04/13/2016
  • $35.00 Before 06/16/2016
  • $45.00 Before 06/24/2016

Youth Categories Fees:

  • $27.00 Before 04/13/2016
  • $30.00 Before 06/16/2016
  • $40.00 Before 06/24/2016
  • Register(Subject to available space and at the discretion of tournament directors.)Tournament Director: Stephen Best (SOMGames@wmarchery.org)Location:
    Freshman Center Rockford Public Schools
    4500 Kroes St. NE Rockford MI, 49341   Saturday: 8am Check In, 9:00 am Equipment Inspection, 9:30 Practice, 10am Shooting Begins Sunday: 8am Check In, 8:30 Practice, 9am Shooting Begins *Must be a member of USA Archery or National Field Archery Association (NFAA) to participate. RPA  2015 Results: Gold:
  • Travis Wright – Bowman Male CompoundSilver:Trisha Wright – Yoeman Female CompoundAndrew Jamerino – Yoeman Male Compound Bronze: Ian Ibbotson – Cub Male Compound 131st US National Target Championships & US Open/2016 Eastern JOAD Nationals.
    Tuesday July  TBD    Decatur, Alabama  $150.00 before June 9th, $225.00 until June 16th. Visit USA Archery for more details. This is not a beginners tournament.

This is a registered World Archery Outdoor Star FITA Tournament. This listing is for 3 events taking place during the same week: USA Archery National Target Championships (NTC), the U.S. Open and the Easton JOAD National Championships (EJN). Seniors and Masters compete in the NTS and U.S. Open. All Youth divisions compete in the EJN. Early registration: up to and including June 8, 2015. Late registration: June 9 – 16, 2015. DEADLINE FOR ENTRY:  JUNE 16, 2015 


Other Tournaments in Michigan for April

  • June 14 – Bay City Bowman – 28 target Field Round – Call for info: Lisa 989-255-5561


MAA Field and Hunter July 9th & 10th – 9:00 am

Washtenaw Sportsmen Club –

Other Tournaments in Michigan for July

  • July 18 – Flint Bowman – 28 target HUNTER round – email for info: jediarcher1@yahoo.com


MAA TARGET 900 – August 1 & 2 9:00am Hosted by Oceana Archers
Registration fee ranges from $10-$25 based on category.

Location: Oceana County Fairgrounds 1025 S State St. Hart, MI 49420 (231) 861-4078
Tournament Chairman: Travis Johnson 2834 E Monroe Road Hart, MI 49420 (231) 923-6768
Registration Chairman: John Hendrickson 367 South 72 Ave. Shelby, MI 49455 (231) 861-4078

RPA Results:

1st Place Finishes:

Adriana G.  CFFS

Ashley S. PFFS


Alivia R. CFRUFS

3rd Place Finishes:

Chris S. PMFS

Summer T. YFRUFS

Travis W. YMFS

Michigan Senior Olympics – August 8 – 9:00am Hosted by Detroit Sportsman’s Congress

Ages: 50+ (5 Year age groups) Men and Women compete separately

Categories: Compound Fingers, Compound Release, Barebow Recurve, Barebow Compound and Recurve

Details: 900 round (60, 50 & 40 yds.) 30 arrows at each distance

For more info visit www.michiganseniorolympics.org

Other Tournaments in Michigan for July

  • August 9 – Mid-Michee Bowman – 28 target HUNTER round – email for info: bitnerarchery@cs.com
  • August 29 & 30 – Capitol Area Sportsmen – 28 target HUNTER round – Call for info: Mike 989-281-3953


MSU Fall Classic September 10-11 , Shooting Starts 10:30 Sat, 9:30 Sun.

Registration fee ranges from $15-$25 based on Category. Registration Deadline is ??

Questions Contact: Norm Graham at grahamn@msu.edu  (517) 655-4755.


MSU’s Demmer Shooting Sports Education and Training Center – 4830 East Jolly Road  Lansing, MI 48910  (517) 884-0550

RPA 2016 Results:


Summer Turner – Bowman Female Recurve


Olivia Rovda – Bowman Female Recurve

Natalie Leach – Cub Female Recurve


Frank Cherro – Senior Male Recurve

Katie Strukel – Cub Female Compound

Ashley Saikowski – Cadet Female Compound

RPA 2015 Results:


Travis Wright – Bowman Male Compound

Natalie Leach – Bowman Female Recurve


RPA Winter Classic November 27,28 & 29th 2016  , Shooting lines Fri. 1pm Sat. 9am, 1pm, 5pm   Sun. 10am, 2pm

Registration fee ranges from $20 Youth, $40 Adult, $50 Money Class, $40 Team Event Friday

This is a genderless event with the following shooting classes: Yeoman, Bowman, Cub, Cadet, Junior, Senior, Masters 50+ for both compound and recurve. Barebow and Bowhunter class is either youth or adult shot at age specification. Money class is open with 80% payback. Friday Night Team round with an 80% payback.

Visit Event Page Here.

Questions Contact: Brandon Wright at risingphoenixarchery@gmail.com (586) 770-1859.

Location:  Rising Phoenix Archery  – 3863 Rochester Rd. Troy MI 48083

2016 Results


Michigan Youth Championship Saturday December 10, 2016

Hosted by Oakland County Sportsman’s Club – 4770 Waterford Rd. Clarkston, MI 48346

Shooting Lines: 10am, 2pm & 6pm   Cost: $10

Divisions: Cub (11 & under), Youth (12-14), Young Adult (15-17)

To register: Call or text Trish Jackson at (313) 610-2670 or email pgushman@aol.com Payment due within 5 days of registering. Checks payable to Oakland County Sportsmens Club. Remit to Trish Jackson 491 N Sashabaw, Ortonville, MI 48462




Melanie Schoening FYAFS

Kaitlyn Strukel FYBHFS

Anthony Goatly MCFSLR

Maria Cherro FCFSLR


Rachel Houge FCFSLR

Noah Miller MCBHFS

Cameron Schemm MYFSLR


Abigail Owczarek FYAFSLR

Erin Dingwall FYFS

Travis Wright MYFS