2020 USA Archery Indoor Championships – Results Recap

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USA Archery Indoor Nationals Recap

This past weekend marked the final locations participating in the 2020 JOAD Indoor National Championships as well as the 2020 National Indoor Target Championships. The final three of thirteen events were held in Salt Lake City Utah, Harrisonburg VA, and Mason MI. Over 5,000 athletes participated in the combined results. 

The first is a single day event open to members of a JOAD Program and uses targets associated with the programs structure. Most notably is that recurve archers under the age of 15 use a 60cm size target. In years past compound was given the “Big” 10 as well, but that was changed a few years back due to the confusion it caused when archers then participated in Indoor Nationals the following days with only the little 10. 

Our team performed very well, and I am extremely proud of them as a group. They behaved like professionals, kept their composure and demonstrated a consistent use of their mental program. Our goal is to shoot the same as they do in practice. If you do that at a big event like this, then you had a very successful day. While not all managed to shoot their practice scores, I saw good use of the mental techniques they have been taught to manage the emotional reactions and fight through the best they could. Teamates actively supported each other all weekend long.

One archer in particular that stood out has been struggling with a severe case of target panic and choose to compete despite knowing their performance would be significantly less than what they were capable of. Instead of score, we focused on smaller form and processed based goals. We tracked their progress on those goals and celebrated those successes. 

The weekend also saw tremendous personal achievements of athletes Rising to the moment. Multiple archers achieved personal bests. In fact, one archer shot 4 new personal bests over the course of 3 days, another tied a personal best then beat it twice more as well. I believe out of our 27 participants, 5 shot new personal bests. 

I also want to take a moment to acknowledge Brooke Patrician who achieved not only a new personal best but also achieved her Bronze Olympian with a score of 285/300 in her last game of the tournament.

Congratulations to the participants and thank you to the parents that support their athletes. 


National Result/ Regional Result, Archers Name – Division


4th/1st  Brianna Laux – Cadet Female Recurve

14th/1st Adrianna Griebe – Cub Female Compound

16th/1st Peyton Smith – Cadet Male Recurve

20th/4th Ciara Collosimo – Junior Female Compound

24th/1st Kellen Burrett – Bowman Male Compound

30th/2nd Isabella Nelson – Bowman Female Compound

39th/4th Grace Gilsdorf – Cub Female Compound

43rd/2nd Colleen Drake – Junior Female Recurve

56th/5th Brooke Patrician – Cadet Female Compound

78th/4th Kole Mabe – Cadet Male Recurve

83rd/5th Oliver Smith – Cadet Male Recurve

83rd/7th Maria Cherro – Cub Female Recurve

90th/11th Isabella Vallone – Cub Female Compound

118th/10th Noah Miller – Cadet Male Compound

123rd/13th Avril Saroli – Cadet Female Compound

136th/16th Gabrielle Godin – Cadet Female Compound

Indoor Target Championships

4th/1st Brianna Laux – Cadet Female Recurve

10th/2nd Kenneth Rienas – Master Barebow

11th/1st Adriana Griebe – Cub Female Compound

12th/2nd Anthony Goatley – Cub Male Recurve

14th/1st Isabella Nelson – Bowman Female Compound

16th/2nd Tim Griepentine – Master Male Compound

26th/3rd Kellen Burett – Bowman Male Compound

32nd/3rd Grace Gilsdorf – Cub Female compound

32nd/3rd Ciara Collosimo – Junior Female Compound

33rd/1st Peyton Smith – Cadet Male Recurve

35th/5th Allana Frank – Cub Female Compound

38th/4th Brooke Patrician – Cadet Female Compound

41st/5th Kaitlyn Strukel – Junior Female Compound

43rd/2nd Colleen Drake – Junior Female Recurve

49th/4th Jean Simonsian – Cadet Female Recurve

50th/3rd Cameron Schemm – Junior Male Recurve

55th/2nd Kyle Stuart – Senior Male Recurve

56th/7th Chris Prout – Master Male Recurve

58th/10th Ashley Thornton – Senior Female Compound

64th/9th Isabella Vallone – Cub Female Compound

67th/3rd Kole Mabe – Cadet Male Recurve

68th/5th Aarti Phatke – Cadet Female Compound – Guest

69th/6th Maria Cherro – Cub Female Recurve

84th/5th Nilz Pruzinskis – Junior Male Compound

91st/8th Rachel houge – Cadet Female Recurve

101st/6th Avril Saroli – Cadet Female Compound

119th/9th Gabrielle Godin – Cadet Female Compound

151st/7th Oliver Smith – Cadet Male Recurve