Beginner Archery Lessons

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Minimum 5 / Maximum 16 students.


5 Week Course


1.5 Hours each week


Equipment Included



5 Week

$103 –  4 week – when offered

STEP 1: Beginning archery offers the first step to learning archery. This course covers the basics of archery, universal range safety rules, equipment identification, and introduction to proper form.


Each session gives the new archer the foundations necessary to properly execute an archery shot with consistent accuracy.

Week 1: Equipment Basics, Safety procedures, Shooting basics.

Week 2: Stance and Posture

Week 3: Hook & Grip

Week 4: Set, Set-up, Coil & Draw, Anchor.

Week 5: Benchmark and recap.

All necessary equipment is provided for the students at no extra charge. Optional accessories such as finger tab and finger sling are available for purchase but not required. 


Sessions will focus on safety, basic techniques, and drills. Each archer will advance at their own pace. We are proud to be certified by USA Archery to teach the same National Training System (NTS) used to prepare our Olympic archers.

Sessions regularly include games to help keep the learning process fun.

Class Size: 5 Min./ 16 Max.

Ages: 8+ (Students below age 8 must be evaluated to begin)


Sessions offered*:

Friday 6:00pm

Sunday 12:00pm


Currently the program is filling about 90 days early for all youth programming as classes are restricted  in size. The restriction is to insure that we will have space for you our your athlete in our upper level programming which is running at almost full capacity. We don’t want you to start your archery journey and not have a way top continue your development. 

Our upper level program is the 2022 USA Archery Club Excellence Awards recipient. This award is given to the top club for that year in developing talented and competitive archers. In 2022, our teams demonstrated sportsmanship and integrity while working to be the best they can be. We achieved placing 3 members on the United States Archery team, as well as numerous national and state champions. 

Once you secure your spot, you are joining a great team.

If you are unable to secure a spot in our beginners training program, you may consider private training as an option until spots open up in more advanced programs. 

See full calendar at bottom of the page.



Our range requires that all participants wear a closed toe shoe. Sandals and Flip flops which do not enclose the toe are not permitted for participants. Spectators are welcome to wear these types of shoes.


Interesting Fact: Athletes may not shoot the same as their dominate hand. It’s really important in archery to shoot based on how you SEE the target. This is referred to eye dominance. Here is an article to find out more about how this works.