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Women Only Archery Lessons

woman archer


Minimum 5 / Maximum 16 students.


5 Week Course


1.5 Hours each week


equipment Included



5 Week

$103 when 4 week offered for  Beginner and Intermediate.

Club Level

5 Week $102

4 Week $81

Rising Phoenix Archery offers classes exclusively for women.

The sport of archery is “Catching Fire” and more women than ever are giving the sport a try as the growth in female participation is up 400% over the last few years.

Women now comprise over 50% of our students and are some of the best archers in the program.

We hope that you will enjoy the sport and feel confident enough to give competitive archery a try in the future.


Women’s Only Archery

Thursday’s at 7:30pm


This archery class is for the student at any level. Yes, this means beginners too!

If you have never tried archery, one of the coaches will take you each week through our beginners curriculum.

Second time students will receive the Intermediate level programming and students who have attended three of more program cycles of Women’s Only (WO) will receive the AADP/Club level programming each week.

Students on their 3rd or more program cycle are given a discount on programming. Cost per program cycle is reduced to $90 for the 5 week cycle. 

When registering for an Adult course, you must save a card on file as these courses are set to a delayed billing. If you are uncomfortable saving a card on file you must come into the range after creating a profile to pay in person. When saving a card on file, your spot is imeadiately reserved, when selecting to pay in person, the system does not reserve your spot until payment is accepted and manually proceed by registration manager. Payment information is not stored on our server or website and is only available to our processor. 

Students at the club level (3rd or more sessions) can also participate in the Adult Archery Development Program (AADP). With a valid Adult membership to US Archery, participants can earn “pins” or ranks to signify their mastery.

The ultimate goal is to reach the Olympian pin level and be enshrined on our wall of fame. 

Membership with US Archery enables you access to sanctioned events for both them and the NFAA. This additional membership is optional.


Additional course info:

Sessions will focus on safety,  techniques, and drills. Coaches will give archers increasing challenges at greater distances, but each archer will advance at their own pace.

We are proud to be certified by USA Archery to teach the same National Training System (NTS) used to prepare our Olympic archers.

Women Only requires that students be ages 15+. Women wishing to participate with their younger daughters can do so with the regular program offerings of Beginning, Intermediate and Club level programming.

All necessary equipment is provided for the students at no extra charge. Optional accessories such as finger tab and finger sling are available for purchase but not required. 


Participants are required to wear closed toes shoes for all sessions. Flip flops and sandals are not permitted to be worn by participants.