JOAD Archery Lessons

joad 3


Minimum 5 / Maximum 16 students.


5 Weeks


1.5 Hours each week


Equipment Included



5 Week

$81 when 4 week offered.


$107 Outdoors Tuesday (May, June, July, August)

Equipment not provided for outdoor classes.

Rising Phoenix Archery runs an elite archery program designed to help young and adult archers develop their mastery of archery.


STEP 3: JOAD is for young archers who have completed a Beginner and Intermediate program’s and wish to advance on to higher levels of proficiency.


Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) will introduce competitive rules, explain how tournaments and competitions can vary across the many governing bodies of the sport. Athletes will get to explore different forms of archery and play styles, and conversations on form and process get to a much deeper level than we were able to cover in steps 1 & 2. Equipment maintenance and tuning techniques are also regularly introduced. Our goal is to produce self sufficient athletes.

Members may also earn “pins” or ranks to signify their proficiency in the sport. The ultimate goal is to reach the Gold Olympian level which signifies that your skill is in approximately the top .5% of the sport.

To earn pins, you must also have a current US Archery Youth Membership, In addition to pins, this membership grants access to both US Archery and NFAA sanctioned events.

Access to JOAD programing is by coach recommendation only. Those wishing to join our JOAD program must complete Intermediate with a coach recommendation or complete an independent evaluation and receive a coaches recommendation.


JOAD uses the following teaching format:

Week 1: Form and Process

Week 2: Equipment

Week 3: Pin Week and Mental Management

Week 4: A new way to play archery

Week 5: Fun week/Benchmark

Class Size: 5 Min./ 16 Max.


Team Jersey can be ordered online


Archers can expect to stay at the JOAD level if they pursue the sport recreationally or they may work to advance to STEP 4: Competitive Advantage.