Competitive Advantage

competitive advantage


Maximum 32 members.


17 weeks outdoor/ 20 weeks indoor


2+ Hrs Wk


Athletes must own their own equipment



The course fee for Outdoor and Indoors are billed in monthly increments during the course of each season. Both segments include 4 one hour private lessons with assigned coach.


Outdoor 2022 (May – September) – $600

Indoor 2022/23 (October – March) – $560

We take 4 weeks off between each season to minimize burnout.

Competitive Advantage is comprised of the most promising compound, recurve and barebow archers who will train and compete as a team. Working together to push and challenge everyone to get better.

Previous and current members of this team include State and National champions, MICA recipients, and members of USAT.

This program is open to archers who’s home club is not Rising Phoenix




Members of the team will attend a weekly training session led by the coaching staff and then work to apply thier new skills in weekly team practice sessions and individually on thier own.

Training sessions include form and process lectures, how to build and maintaining a strong mental program, advanced shooting techniques, advanced tuning tips, and competive pressure scenarios.

Additionally, each “season”, every member of CA will have a multiple 1hr personal training session with their assigned coach.


Commitment requirements include:

  • Mandatory participation in team selected tournaments. Some of which require travel.
  • Minimum of 300 arrows of practice each week.
  • Annual performance improvement standards to retain position on the team.


Members are selected based on:

  1. Performance history at Local, State and National events.
  2. Expressed desire to excel and compete at the highest levels.
  3. Receptiveness to coaching and feedback.
  4. Minimum Qualifying Score (MQS)
    1. Compound 250
    2. Recurve 225
    3. Barebow 200
    4. Scores based on current competitive distance. Archers under age 12 based on 9m.
  5. How the overall demographics complete the team across disciplines (Compound, Recurve, Barebow), age groups (Bowman, Cub, Cadet, Junior, Senior, Master), and gender. Example, we will have a max of 4 Female Bowman Recurve archers so that we can have diversity in other groups.

For Outdoor, the teams meet as follows:

All teams meet – Monday’s 6pm to 8pm

Group Practice on Tuesday and Thursday.


For Indoor, the different teams meet as follows:

Compound – Monday’s 6:00pm to 8pm

Recurve/Barebow – Tuesday’s 6:00pm to 8pm

Group Practice TBD

Application window February 21st 2022 – March 15th 2022

To apply, submit completed CA Application 2022 in person or by email.

Coaching Staff:

Brandon Wright – Head Coach

Level 4 NTS, RED Team assitant coach, Member of 2020 United States Archery Team, Personal coach to multiple National Champions.

Bryan Young – Assitant Head Coach

Level 4 NTS

Steven Oakley – Barebow Specialist

Finished on the podium at 2021 Outdoor Target Championships, Finished in the top 10 at the Vegas shoot in 2022.