Competitive Advantage

competitive advantage


Maximum 16 students.


21 Weeks Indoor/ 15 Weeks Outdoor


1.5Hrs Wk


Athletes must own their own equipment



The course fee for CA varies by Indoor and Outdoor. Payments are broken up into 5 week increments.


Indoor 2020, 21 weeks, $441

Competitive Advantage is comprised of our 16 most promising Compound, Recurve and Barebow archers in the program.


Participants are recommended by their JOAD coach and then evaluated by the Head Coach for acceptance.


Candidates are selected on:

  1. How they complete the team across the multiple competitive divisions of the sport
  2. How open they are to feedback and coaching.
  3. How willing they are to compete, and how they embrace failure.
  4. No division/classification can have more than 4 members on the team.
  5. Minimum Qualifying Score
    1. Compound 250
    2. Recurve 225
    3. Barebow 200
    4. Scores based on current competitive distance. Archers under age 12 based on 9m.


For Indoor, the different teams meet as follows:

Compound – Monday’s 6:00pm 

Recurve/Barebow – Tuesday’s 6:00pm



For Outdoor, the different teams meet as follows:

All teams meet – Monday’s 6pm


Team requirements:

  • Min. 3 Tournaments per season.
    • Travel may be required.
  • Must make 1 new friend per event and be an ambassador of the program.
  • Compete with integrity and respect for the sport.
  • Must be more focused on Process than Outcome.
  • Have FUN.
  • Purchase any equipment recommended by coach.
  • Age 12 and under: Min. 150-200 arrows a week
  • Age 13  to 15 – 200 – 300 arrows per week.
  • Age 15 to Adult – 300+ arrows a week.

Participants who fail to meet the requirements will be placed on probation prior to being dismissed from the team.

Coaching Staff: (Head Coach listed first)

Brandon Wright

Bryan Young

Steven Oakley